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MC Hambone - Aquabats Cadet
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
Started drawing straight out of the womb, used the after birth as my paints. continued to take art classes all through primary and high school. Went to college for a while for Film but dropped out when It wasn't what I thought it would be. Always been the type of person to self deprecate too much when it comes to art (and still do about specific works) but have recently admitted to myself that drawing might be my strongest talent and am applying to art schools to finish my college education. Currently Writing/illustrating a comic of my own creation about a detective in a world full of magic and mysticism. Also I am helping with the concept stages for my local Haunted House for "Spook Haven" 2013.
Dear Person Reading This,

I haven't written an update in half a year and I figured it is time I should. Since last July when I was working on my Fallout Vault Costume for Halloween I was unable to find cheap boots that I was happy with, nor knees pads to make armor, nor a belt large enough to make into a bandolier wrap around my fat body... also I wasn't invited to any Halloween parties. Still, I feel like I need to finish what I started and will try to finish it this year because....

I have just agreed to help "design" this years Haunted House attraction in my home town. Primarily, I will be sitting down with the proprietor and trying to interpret visually, on paper, what she is seeing in her head. I have also suggested a few things in these nascent days of our working together, and my ideas seem to be in line with her overall plans. She has also asked if I would be willing to help sculpt and build props/sets and possibly be an actor in the Haunt this October. If everything seems to go smoothly over the next few weeks of concept art/design I'll likely try my hand at the 3-D stuff (though I don't have any formal training in those areas and little experimenting on my own) and if I decide against acting as a spook in the haunt, I will be going to see "my" work in my (hopefully) finished Fallout costume.

Lastly, some people may have seen a post a few months ago about a world building exercise. I have finished the majority of that exercise for my purposes and have started work on my own graphic novel. Currently titled "Marty Frank PI", it is a story about a Private Investigator in a Dungeons & Dragons/Lord Of the Rings type world...but not set in medieval times. In my World (still bouncing around on a name for the planet) it is around the years 1950-2000. In this world science and Magic co-exist and in harmony as magic is a measurable energy that when paired with a persons specific DNA produces different effects from person to person. It will be a noir style art work, as I love the old Film Noir like Maltese Falcon. My Detective is a "Psychonaut" (real world counter parts are the people who took LSD and other 'mind expanding' drugs in the 70s) who using a tincture of his own brewing can have psychic visions. (My thinking is that it's more of a relaxing agent that allows his psychic ability to manifest as stress tends to muddy is perceptions and distort visions, so my magic is still with in him, not a product of the potions.) He uses these visions to help him gather solid physical evidence to stop criminals and bring them to justice.

As soon as I have the first "issue" of this comic finished I'll see about posting a few of the first pages here for people to read, and most likely bundle the whole thing and upload it to a file sharing site for people to have. Currently I have the first 5 pages ready for "polishing" but am waiting for more pages to be done before working on them more. My current process is to make each page on 11x17 inch paper with guides for comic pages, I do the pencils, then inks, and then am very careful when I use prismacolor alcohol based markers to color... unfortunately they tend to rehydrate the india ink and it tends to smear, hence the polishing stage that I will do on my computer with my Wacom tablet. I do letter the pages as well just so I know the words will fit, but I have a sneaking suspicion when I use the computer to make the final letters I will need to reduce the size of many speech balloons and captions. One last randomly placed thought, in case someone wonders "why are you waiting to 'polish' your pages until later?" the simple answer is: I don't have easy access to a HD scanner that can handle pages bigger than 8.5X11 inches, and that would mean scanning each page 2x one for the top half and one for the bottom and then merging those images in photoshop... I feel it would be easier to get a bunch of pages done and then travel into the city to a kinkos or other place that could scan the whole page and put the files on a disc for me to edit.

There, WAAAAYYYY more info than I thought I'd write for probably no one to read. But what can I say, I like to talk about myself. Don't we all? And as My Friends and family don't give half a rats ass about the minutia of my 'process' I figured I could vent into the void of the internet. maybe one day an anthropologist will read this and use it in a research paper about Narcissism in 21st century Males in their early 20s (which will sadly be my mid 20s this April). And with the clock rolling over into 4AM this January morning, I'm off to bed.

Good Night and Good Luck,
MC Hambone

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